Friday, February 26, 2010

fancy fridays numero dos

well, its definitely a TGIF sort of week!
I'm tired from staying up way too late and trying to put my house away.
I'm still dying to get to some crafting, but for now decorating has been satisfying my crafty urges.

I just love to decorate. And re-decorate.
I like to call my current state deja-vu decorating! I'm finding all my treasures that I was separated from for quite some time and falling back in love with all of them. I promised myself I would do some serious housecleaning and go for a very spacious, minimal aesthetic. But then the little ole bohemian in me snuck out and I find myself creating little vignettes in all the nooks and crannies of our new place.

All this decorating and nesting definitely has me thinking of spring! There's nothing like clearing out the clutter and making way for color!!

I'm definitely fancying the saturated pastels I've been seeing. They're making my heart go pitter-patter and have me dreaming of springy picnics:


speaking of vignettes, this is absolutely dreamy


I cannot get enough of books

these brighten even a snow day

love love love

seeing these two pastel minis together totally made me happy

 I've always wanted to do this

but I'm sort of chicken...

I can't wait to paint my nails some fun pastel shades


 and do this

planning to use bakerella's recipe and try my hand at making these this weekend

And on a completely unrelated note:
I blogged yesterday about being totally in love with Andrew Bannecker's work. I was all set to pop into his shop and purchase the Barney & Friend print I featured yesterday


but then I saw these sweeties
and now I can't decide! HELP PLEASE! 
Any thoughts/comments would be helpful. I love them all so much!

What are your plans for the weekend?



Thursday, February 25, 2010

i HEART thursdays - heart art

Just a quick little i Heart thursdays post today as I'm almost out the door to pick up my love from the train station.

We spent last weekend hanging some of the art (which I already have an over-the-top amount of) and it got me thinking about Heart Art. I love the symbol of the heart (obviously) and I adore seeing it incorporated into art.

Here's some goodies:

I absolutely adore this bunny print. Running out of wall space but I might find room for these sweeties


 I'm loving Andrew Bannecker's work - and especially the el dia de los muertos vibe of this one


these curled paper beauties are just amazing


I can always find room for a print
(hijirik's shop is lovely)

or two
(loving the whole shop at Keep Calm)

I've been daydreaming of making macarons and seeing these set my heart aflutter!!

what's on your walls?



images: we heart it, unless noted

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winner wednesday

Monday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised with this sweet little package!

I won my first blog giveaway from the adorable JenLovesKev blog! I love Jen's blog and I was so thrilled to take part in her giveaway.

Caitlin's etsy shop To Be Determined is chock full of the cutest little pieces reworked and reconstructed from vintage clothing. I was super stoked to win something from her shop! I love getting packages in the mail, especially ones wrapped sweetly with a nice little note. Thanks Caitlin!  


Seeing as today was a wet, wet Wednesday down in Southern California I decided it was the perfect day to break out my new skirt. Nothing beats the gray of a rainy day like a hothouse floral skirt. 

I didn't have much time to style this as much as I wanted to so I took some cues from Caitlin herself and went with black so the skirt would be the centerpiece. I grabbed my bright green sweater (conveniently already hanging on the doorknob of my closet) and opted for wedges instead of the teal boots I had originally envisioned with this. 

All pictures taken by my 5 year old. Seriously. He kept telling me to look at the camera instead of away!
Definitely time to dig out the more serious photography equipment!! Sorry about the terrible lighting...

Not a huge fan of this pic, but Sutter told me it was his favorite because I looked like a princess. So, here you go, one Technicolor Princess coming right up!!
 (outfit: Banana Republic swing sweater,  THEME blouse, To Be Determined skirt, Express tights, Steve Madden wedges)

I'm looking forward to a cozy evening cooking dinner with the kiddos and listening to the rain. How is everyone else spending their mid-week??



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

two things lovin'

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It wasn't quite as long as last weekend, but it was still a nice break to allow me some home time!

I skipped out on joining the "two things" fun over at BacWoods Fern last week - since most of my "things" were still in boxes (or piles on the floor)! This week though, I'm feeling a lot more like our sweet little house is a home.

We spent the weekend putting some finishing touches on the living room - hanging pictures, arranging accessories and lots of wiring and electronic "stuff" (Carl's department). Its starting to come together! Seeing all our goodies out and about in the living room made it so easy to spot my "two things" for this week!!

Scottish plant stand

The story behind this (according to my dad), is that my grandparents bought it in Scotland and had it shipped back here. Its supposedly from the 1800s. One of the legs is a bit cattywompus but I still love it! I love the bronze flowers on the bottom and all the filigree detailing. Its very ornate which is a nice contrast to the stark white bookcase next door.

my dad made me this surfboard several years ago. It was intended to be a table, but I kind of like it propped up on the wall. We originally had it screwed into a base fashioned from another coffee table, but it was sort of top heavy and tipped over too much for my liking. Its been in hiding for several years and now I thought would be the perfect time to proudly display its cool-factor. I love the look of the different wood grains and I love that my dad made it for me!!

Head on over to BacWoods Fern today to see what Kassi's loving and join in the MckLinky fun to see what else people are appreciating in their homes today.



Friday, February 19, 2010

fill it in and fancy fridays

Its Friday again, so time to link up to lauren at the little things we do. Two weeks in a row, yippee!

And speaking of Fridays, today is the first installment of Fancy Fridays where I'll show you what I have a fancy for currently!

1. If I could medal in an olympic event it would be table tennis. Seriously, I can't believe that's an olympic event. Awesome!

2. If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take my little family, books & coffee. Carl better build us a boat and sail us outta there!

3. Driving on high roads is my most irrational fear.

4. I'd rather drink tea everyday, than drink bad coffee everyday. I refuse to drink the warm brown water at work, so I drink green tea except on the days when I treat myself to some 'bucks.

5. I am so excited to spend the weekend in my new little home.

6. I should really be working instead of blogging.

7. One of my favorite things in all the world is the sound of my children laughing.

After reading the above statements, it would sound as though I have a wee bit of a caffeine addiction. Guilty as charged.

And now, a little Fancy Fridays...

I really can't wait for this weekend to get here. I'm dying to get started on some fun home crafting projects. While perusing the blogging world at some of my favorite home sites like Decor8, Bloesem and DosFamily, I came across Bohemian Vintage which is sure to be one of my new favorite reads.

Their post on Suzani Fabric had me salivating. I'm dying to sew up some new pillowcases for what has been dubbed the "space couch" and daydreaming of scrumptious couches with tons of pillows.

do you dream in color?

marimekko's prints are among my absolute favorites

love these pillows in the living room of madebygirl owner jen ramos

or do you dream in black and white?

i love Hello Tiger - must have Carl teach me Swedish so I don't have to constantly use google translate!

daydreaming of boho fabulousness

loving this disco ball addition found on apartment therapy

After all, who doesn't want to just curl up on the couch with a good book?



images from weheartit and flickr