Saturday, June 19, 2010

its business time

yes, every once in a while I actually like to look professional. Its not very often, so I figured it would be best to document aforementioned professional attire.

Someone wasn't too pleased with mommy trying to get a few snaps of her alone.

But a few kisses and it was back to smiles.

I love these little munchkins soooo much! I'm off to Norway with Carl and not sure how I'll make it the next few weeks without their sweet little faces! I'm sure they're Daddy will be spoiling them rotten while we are away...but I'm secretly hoping they can't wait for us to hurry home to them!

Hoping to post a bit on my trip, but where we're headed, there might not be connection. The adventure awaits!!



Thursday, June 17, 2010

finders keepers

Ever have those thrifting days when everything seems to be going your way? Last Friday was that day for me! I scored 4 amazing dresses, 2 maxi skirts, a fabulously colorful guatemalan belt, an electric blue silk scarf and a sweet little woven owl bowl. S C O R E! My favorite of the dresses has to be a sweet yellow eyelet shirt dress from Paris. Fits me like a dream...but you'll have to stick around to see me style that one up.

Ever since I saw this outfit on Refinery29, I've been craving some brown ankle boots. I'd seen some other cute versions around the bloggy world, but this was the first look that put these on my mental thrift list.

Fast forward a few weeks and seriously only one thrifting trip later and I found the beauties I was after.

Perfectly scuffed, soft, worn rich brown leather. I spent a nice little chunk of time last night playing in my closet and putting together lots of cute little looks with these. I'm already envisioning myself strolling down international sidewalks sporting these on my feet! Thank you to whoever decided these no longer had a home in their closet. Score one for me.

What are you on the hunt for these days?



Thursday, June 10, 2010

I HEART Thursdays - sort of

Rough patches - we all have 'em.

I'm feeling particularly uninspired today.

So I put on a super bright outfit.


And went in search of something pretty for my eyes.

Something delicious for the eyes and tummy

(source: weheartit)

An amazing magazine cover from one of my favorites artists, Andrew Bannecker

 (ps: if you live anywhere this magazine is circulated, pick it up!! This cover could be worth serious bucks someday)

Katie over at Color Me Katie's images always bring a smile to my face

Ahhhhh. The days already looking brighter.



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

happiness is...

being a proud mama as I watched this sweet little guy graduate from Pre-K on Friday,

friends and loved ones that come hang out with you at work
(it helps to be working at a winery on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!!),

waking up Sunday morning and fixing a delicious and healthy breakfast with your sweetie,

(ok, so I didn't actually do much in terms of making this meal happen. But I did make the tea!!)

and a fun SATC2 girl's night filled with fabulous food, yummy fun cocktails and an amazing group of ladies.

Weekend - accomplished

How was your weekend?



Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I finally cashed in my Mother's Day new pair of shoes coupon.

When my grandmother was in town a few weeks ago, we took a little trek downtown with the kiddos and I picked out these beauties. I must've tried on at least 10 pairs - which was a slow process considering they'll only allow you to have 2 pairs at a time to try on. Really?!?! Where have I been that I didn't know this was a rule? I guess its been quite a while since I tried on multiple pairs. I usually have my sights on something and just make a beeline. What made it really interesting was that some salespeople (ahem, the menfolk) were sticklers with the rule and then another would shuffle over to help me and she'd keep piling up the shoes. She knew there was a coupon for shoes burning a hole in my pocket that just couldn't wait. Do not get in the way of a woman on her way to buy shoes. It could be deadly.

You can tell I'm smitten by the way I'm adoringly checking them out.

That weekend's visit from my grandma was super special. I grew up spending most weekends and almost all summer long with my grandparents and my grandma has always been one of my favorite persons in the whole wide world. Except perhaps the time she puked all over my lap on a tour bus in New York City. Other than that, I just love her to pieces. She's crafty, a world traveller, good at games and has a keen eye for antiques. Its pretty safe to say, she's awesome.

Its been a pretty hectic week and shaping up to be just as busy of a weekend. I'm off to catch up on sleep and wish on shooting stars...

Happy weekending!!



Thursday, June 3, 2010

I HEART Thursdays - In The Kitchen

Few things please me as much as stepping into our kitchen and whipping up something delicious. Admittedly, that something is usually something sweet. I prefer my food healthy and my sweets SWEET. Its my own little way of justification. If I eat pretty healthy most of the time, then I can hoard the elaborate desserts!! Case in point: I made these delicious little morsels last night, Halfway Cookies.

 (image source: the kitchn)

Intrigued?? Check out the recipe over at The Kitchn. Mine didn't turn out exactly as I had planned, but I refuse to give up. It just means I will have to make them again to master them ;)

I definitely find cooking therapeutic. There is something soothing about coming home after a hectic day and creating something to feed my loved ones. Weeknight cooking is a bit less...creative, with hungry faces staring up at me. But I do usually manage to carve out some time over the weekend to channel my inner Julia Child.

Spending all this time in the kitchen has me craving cute and useful gadgets and tools to outfit my space.

I'd have to start by donning this sweet apron

Wouldn't want to mess up my duds. 


With these amazingly adorable bowls I'm sure to bake up something sweet.

I'll gather up all my ingredients and be sure to have these around for good measure.

I'll keep a close eye on things 

and be sure not to flip out


But I might get parched midway
 and have to go for a tall glass cooled down with some super cute ice cubes,


or perhaps I'd prefer a frothy, hot cappuccino

to help wash down the goodies

(image source: flickr)

What's your favorite thing to whip up in the kitchen?



Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm a girl who loves juxtaposition. I prefer my tough with some precious, sultry with some tame, salty with my sweet, and some florals with my stripes.

Truth be told, this outfit was actually something from last month's archives. I've spent most of my time recently posting about anything but my outfits. Sometimes a little change is good but I'm pinky swearing to get back on schedule about everything. Next week...

Taking snaps this day made me feel like I had my own wind machine following me around. Perfect for hair whipping moments.

And a few pretty hilarious out-takes as well.  I'll have to save those for another day. Perhaps an out-takes post. Just so things never manage to get too serious around here!

What's your favorite juxtaposition?



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sweet surprises

Who doesn't love surprises?

While I was busily making dinner tonight, the little pips spent the early evening popping in and out of the house. Always full of questions, always full of energy. They both tried to steal all the carrots for my Moroccan carrot and chickpea quinoa salad, and I spent a good amount of time spelling out words for Sutter's thank you card to his GG (great grandma). I finally managed to get a few minutes of quiet time in the kitchen. Whew!

Then I went outside to join Harper in checking on these newly planted babies

and that's when I found this sweet little surprise

And then I was reminded of a sweet surprise gift from a friend,

a surprise chance at playing captain,

and a surprisingly still moment of sweetness,

Sometimes you just have to shoo everyone out of the kitchen long enough and you'll remember all the little sweet surprises that make up life.

What's your favorite surprise?