Thursday, May 13, 2010

cuban coffee, key lime pie and a game of dominoes

Well, if you read the post title, then you can probably guess I'm talking about Key West. It was our first stop on the cruise and as you can tell, we definitely had some goals. Consider them highly self-serving, but goals nonetheless. Drink a beer while walking down the street, eat a cuban sandwiches drink some cuban coffee and finish it all off with key lime pie. Not lofty goals, but hey, vacation is about doing what you can't do at home. Right?

I love the tropical feel of Key West.

The foliage is bright and lush.

Little chicken families are wandering around all over.

You are dripping from the humidity the minute you step outside. Then again, that's where those cold beers come in handy.

We took a nice climb up an old lighthouse.

Took the obligatory snapshot by the bell.

A swim in the ocean.

Found some awesome dominoes with the Cuban flag printed on back.

Accomplished the cuban sandwich and coffee goal. Finished off with a Red Stripe (try to ignore the fact that I look like a greaseball. This was post-swim).

Got our dominoes on.

Then took the last shuttle to the ship before we set sail once again.

Phew! We made it.

Just in time to get all fancied up for Formal Night.

Check out this handsome pair.

Ladies turn.

After our champagne on the balcony, we all made our way down to the lobby levels for the most hysterical photo taking ever. If you've ever been on a cruise, then you know what I'm talking about. Its like senior pictures and prom on steroids. We made it our goal to hit every photo station, try every pose and even invent a few of our own. More on those in the next post...

Hope everyone is enjoying their week. I, for one, am happy that we're one day away from the weekend!!