Wednesday, April 14, 2010

old faithful

This outfit is my standby.
Something I know always looks good.
The dress and ankle boots combo is one of my favorites and it never fails to make me feel great all day.
Sunshine and blue skies doesn't hurt either.

Funny things happen when you are running around taking pictures. A guy walked by when I was out in this field and asked if I was taking self-portraits. I lied and said I was testing camera settings. Then he asked if I had any tips for shooting into the sun. Um, no. Clearly, I barely know how to use the thing myself.

Another beautiful week and the first day back to my workouts after the detoxification last week. Tomorrow will be the first run in over a week. Fingers crossed that its an easy transition back because I've got to start training for the Nike Women's Half in San Fran. So excited for that race!!

Happy Hump Day!
How is your Wednesday?