Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I finally cashed in my Mother's Day new pair of shoes coupon.

When my grandmother was in town a few weeks ago, we took a little trek downtown with the kiddos and I picked out these beauties. I must've tried on at least 10 pairs - which was a slow process considering they'll only allow you to have 2 pairs at a time to try on. Really?!?! Where have I been that I didn't know this was a rule? I guess its been quite a while since I tried on multiple pairs. I usually have my sights on something and just make a beeline. What made it really interesting was that some salespeople (ahem, the menfolk) were sticklers with the rule and then another would shuffle over to help me and she'd keep piling up the shoes. She knew there was a coupon for shoes burning a hole in my pocket that just couldn't wait. Do not get in the way of a woman on her way to buy shoes. It could be deadly.

You can tell I'm smitten by the way I'm adoringly checking them out.

That weekend's visit from my grandma was super special. I grew up spending most weekends and almost all summer long with my grandparents and my grandma has always been one of my favorite persons in the whole wide world. Except perhaps the time she puked all over my lap on a tour bus in New York City. Other than that, I just love her to pieces. She's crafty, a world traveller, good at games and has a keen eye for antiques. Its pretty safe to say, she's awesome.

Its been a pretty hectic week and shaping up to be just as busy of a weekend. I'm off to catch up on sleep and wish on shooting stars...

Happy weekending!!