Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cloud Love

Inspired by Caroline's post over at her Couer de La blog, I decided to do a post on something I love.

I love clouds. I love the way they change the landscape of the sky. I love the colors they take on. I love the way they shift into shapes beyond the imagination.

I find myself taking pictures of them without even realizing it. They can cast a mood on a day, cast a shadow, and cause a downpour.

Here's some clouds I've experience firsthand...

wispy clouds on a Boston skyline

Cape Cod clouds through Grammy's porch screen

Arizona desert clouds

threatening clouds

Sedona mountain clouds

finding Cloudbase

And some I've loved secondhand...

Amelie bunny cloud
(source: flickr)

Crayola clouds

Pretty cloud cookies
 (source above two pics: weheartit)

And this amazing sky from The Cloud Appreciation Society - yes, you read that right. Check it out. Pretty awesome!

Join in the fun and tell me what you love? Or better yet, post it and send me a link!

I'll be back later with my two things I love - and I actually need some advice on one of the items in my home that I want to show and tell!!