Wednesday, February 17, 2010

all you need is love

Its chaotic, its draining, and if you have as much crapola as I have, it takes a really long time.

And if it occurs on a much-hyped holiday revolving around showing your loved ones love, it could probably suck pretty bad. Lucky for me, it didn't.

We spent a lot of Saturday moving. And a lot of Saturday night trying to arrange (and rearrange) furniture until my honey's back finally gave in. I stayed up until 2 am trying to put the kitchen away and when Valentine's morning rolled around, I wasn't feeling too festive. But my sweetie knew just how to perk me up.

Nothing beats waking up to this

The rest of the morning was spent exploring more unknown boxes of stuff, trying to remember where I had put things in the kitchen and mundane stuff such as gluing (and regluing) stuff that came apart in the chaos.

We decided that all work and no play made for a bad day, so we paused the moving in favor of sailing for the afternoon. Beautiful Santa Barbara weather, friends and champagne dusted off any sense of stress about getting it all done!

And when that was all said and done, we kept the party rolling by having our friends over for some show and tell about the new house, homemade pizza and wine.

I promise some house pics to come shortly. As soon as I can find the charger for my camera...

In all the chaos, I couldn't find Carl's card. And his real gift is still rolled up in a tube in the back of the trunk. It really does need a frame to be a proper gift, so I guess we'll call it a belated one. I'll admit, I was not really on my game this weekend, though I was responsible for the heart-shaped espresso set in the first picture.

Honey, pretend you don't see the following picture of what your gift will look like once framed...

love these prints from madebygirl

There is still lots of nesting to be done to really be settled in to the new house. In the meantime though, I've been enjoying the sprinkling of love all around the house. After all, isn't that really all we need?