Wednesday, March 31, 2010

rainy day

Its a blustery, rainy, wet Wednesday so luckily I've got a backup outfit post.

We've had absolutely gorgeous weather, so I'm not minding the rain so much. Although I will say I hit the snooze on my iPhone alarm about 10 times this morning. My honey has the day off and it was oh-so-tempting to just want to have a rainy day at home. But no. Renewable Energy work calls my name. Up and at 'em...

I've mentioned before that I have a bit of a stripes addiction. This dress was no exception. Its the perfect throw-it-on piece that can be casual or dressed up with accessories. I took the casual approach...

my absolute favorite earrings. birthday gift from Carl last year. he went in to the shop/museum looking for a gift for me and when he wasn't sure what to pick, they asked him to bring in a picture of me so they could find just the right thing.  handmade in Norway and absolutely perfect for me.

What is the most perfect birthday gift you've received?