Thursday, March 11, 2010

i HEART Thursdays - hands and hearts

Wow, can't believe its Thursday already. My honey comes home and it also marks the arrival of our visitors from Norway. Three weeks of fun with Carl's best friend from Norway, his wife and their beautiful twin daughters. Can't wait to experience our lovely little town through their eyes.

Todays i HEART Thursdays is all about hands. Hands are amazing things. They create, caress, calm, convey and do a pretty good job of making peek-a-boo possible. 

I'm loving the images below created from the simple use of hands. 

(images above sourced from

miss james over at bleubird is chronicling her baby bird's growth week by week. I just love her and this photo shoot of week 14 is gorgeous. 

And just in case that didn't make your hands happy enough, here's some "Happy Hands Club" to get you in the mood. 

And just to make this post extra long - check out the gals over at muchomuchobuenobueno for their awesome new giveaway. A Lola and George ring would definitely make any hand happy, not to mention the fabulous feather dangles and notebook from the bueno girls' own hands!!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Thursday!