Thursday, March 18, 2010

i HEART Thursdays - this one's for you

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to say...

Happy Birthday to the greatest guy I know! Thanks for making our life a constant adventure.

We started the party out yesterday with a little beach time with the kiddos, a HUGE meal at Palace Grill complete with chocolate birthday souffle, and some quiet snuggle time in the evening. We'll be keeping the party going with a little birthday/housewarming bbq this weekend. Can't wait to decorate, bake lots of fun desserts and share our home with good friends!!

Lets face it Birthdays are awesome! Cake, prezzies and lots of fun party decorations. I've always loved birthdays and will continue to celebrate my birthday - even if I don't necessarily want to celebrate my age!

So in honor of Carl - here's a sweet little heart-image heavy birthday roundup

homemade birthday cakes are the best. This one is sweet and fun!

can't wait to dig in...

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What do you love most about birthdays?



concrete and sunshine

The warmer days of Southern California have drawn my eyes to a wardrobe of a sunnier variety. 75 degrees in the middle of March, thank you very much.

One of my favorite color combos is yellow and gray - gray being the perfect bridge between somber winter and sunny spring. They are also the color of my new peep-toe booties that I just couldn't wait to wear.

Icelandic opal. My beautiful Christmas gift this year. Direct from Iceland.

someone needs a pedicure. though they never last long when I'm running constantly. just focus on the gorgeous new shoes instead!!

What colors does Spring make you crave?