Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winner wednesday

Monday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised with this sweet little package!

I won my first blog giveaway from the adorable JenLovesKev blog! I love Jen's blog and I was so thrilled to take part in her giveaway.

Caitlin's etsy shop To Be Determined is chock full of the cutest little pieces reworked and reconstructed from vintage clothing. I was super stoked to win something from her shop! I love getting packages in the mail, especially ones wrapped sweetly with a nice little note. Thanks Caitlin!  


Seeing as today was a wet, wet Wednesday down in Southern California I decided it was the perfect day to break out my new skirt. Nothing beats the gray of a rainy day like a hothouse floral skirt. 

I didn't have much time to style this as much as I wanted to so I took some cues from Caitlin herself and went with black so the skirt would be the centerpiece. I grabbed my bright green sweater (conveniently already hanging on the doorknob of my closet) and opted for wedges instead of the teal boots I had originally envisioned with this. 

All pictures taken by my 5 year old. Seriously. He kept telling me to look at the camera instead of away!
Definitely time to dig out the more serious photography equipment!! Sorry about the terrible lighting...

Not a huge fan of this pic, but Sutter told me it was his favorite because I looked like a princess. So, here you go, one Technicolor Princess coming right up!!
 (outfit: Banana Republic swing sweater,  THEME blouse, To Be Determined skirt, Express tights, Steve Madden wedges)

I'm looking forward to a cozy evening cooking dinner with the kiddos and listening to the rain. How is everyone else spending their mid-week??