Tuesday, February 23, 2010

two things lovin'

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It wasn't quite as long as last weekend, but it was still a nice break to allow me some home time!

I skipped out on joining the "two things" fun over at BacWoods Fern last week - since most of my "things" were still in boxes (or piles on the floor)! This week though, I'm feeling a lot more like our sweet little house is a home.

We spent the weekend putting some finishing touches on the living room - hanging pictures, arranging accessories and lots of wiring and electronic "stuff" (Carl's department). Its starting to come together! Seeing all our goodies out and about in the living room made it so easy to spot my "two things" for this week!!

Scottish plant stand

The story behind this (according to my dad), is that my grandparents bought it in Scotland and had it shipped back here. Its supposedly from the 1800s. One of the legs is a bit cattywompus but I still love it! I love the bronze flowers on the bottom and all the filigree detailing. Its very ornate which is a nice contrast to the stark white bookcase next door.

my dad made me this surfboard several years ago. It was intended to be a table, but I kind of like it propped up on the wall. We originally had it screwed into a base fashioned from another coffee table, but it was sort of top heavy and tipped over too much for my liking. Its been in hiding for several years and now I thought would be the perfect time to proudly display its cool-factor. I love the look of the different wood grains and I love that my dad made it for me!!

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