Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Techie Tuesday - it makes me wicked smaaht

Living with a guy who has a Masters in Electrical Engineering  has some major benefits - "honey, the screen went blue again!" and also some pitfalls - as in sometimes I don't have a clue what he's talking about. Being with Carl has definitely upped my techie status and we both get pretty geeked out over new devices, software or home projects where he can "hack" anything. I've actually even written a Hello World in 3 (or 4) programming languages. My old boss used to tell me that he knew I was secretly a major nerd - now it appears all his suspicions are true!

This got me thinking about a fun new blog series - Techie Tuesdays. I'll alternate Techie Tuesdays with participating in Kassi's Two Things. I plan to have Carl join in the fun by writing reviews of new cool stuff out there - stuff you actually want or want to know about. We'll also have some fun DIY projects as well. Please tell me if there is anything you want to know about and we can do a feature on that also.

For the first Techie Tuesday - lets talk about the iPad. We are getting one, not necessarily by choice, but that's a pretty long story. Regardless, we are coming by one for free and I'm really interested to hear what other people think about it. As with all Apple products, there's tons of marketing and buzz out there. But there also seems to be a lot of haters on the interwebs.

It seems that anyone who considers themselves an IT or techie type doesn't really feel like the iPad is worth all the credit its been getting.

We plan to use ours for video watching, as a cookbook in the kitchen or for just reading on the go.

And we also want it - because it makes us feel "wicked smaht"

Check out the video below - a hilarious video about the iPad using Good Will Hunting:

Because we held out for the version with WiFi and 3G and a bit more memory, we won't be seeing it until the end of this month. When we get it, we'll be sure to review it and discuss!

How about you? Anybody want this? Have it? Have another tablet that is awesome? We wanna know!!