Thursday, October 6, 2011

sick day

I spent today at home with my sweet little Harper Lee. It was so good to snuggle her after them being gone with their dad for a few days. Here's how we spent our sick day together.

1. some tulips that I kind of like better dead than I did alive
2. got all fancy with my nails
3. we saw a rainbow. and then a double rainbow. I was actually under rain when I took this and then it was sunny a few feet away.

We also watched lots of Garfield on Netflix, ate soup and giggled a lot. I also sold the kids' crib today. I tried not to shed a tear thinking about how time has flown so quickly that they don't even need a crib anymore. My sweet little babies are sweet little children who are growing too fast. Sutter even lost his other front tooth yesterday. Oh time, sometimes I wish you stood still.