Friday, April 29, 2011

fancy friday - almost May

Happy Friday folks!

I can't believe how quickly this week zoomed by. The Honey and I started the week off right with a little anniversary celebration on Sunday at the most amazing restaurant - Seagrass Restaurant. We went all out and got the 7-course tasting menu, which was just insane. 

I had quite a gruelling work-week that has left me in a bit of a daze. I'm looking forward to our Live Jazz cruise on the Double Dolphin this evening, soccer for the kids Saturday, a day of fun moonlighting at Consilience Winery and a day of rest on Sunday. Here's my little list of things I Fancied this week. 

1. I've been madly in love with my Polaroid 600 for many years. I'm loving the Impossible Project's re-release of all kinds of cool instant film. I just ordered the limited edition pack featuring package design by Maurizio Galimberti - who created the awesome collage above. 

2. I'm on the hunt for some Creme de Violette so I can sip on a purple-hued Fizz a la Violette. I love old-fashioned drinks and a pastel potion sounds right up my alley. 

3. A great way to use up old fabric scraps and perk up kids (or my) sneakers for spring - braided laces

4. The new S/S Stella McCartney kids line is so adorable - I'm wishing it came in mama-size.

5. Bodie and Fou owner Karine Candice gave readers a peek inside her London home last Friday and it is to-die-for. Her leather sling chairs, taped up mood board and simple white walls all add up to a beautiful, modern space. I picked up the Feathers poster so I can recreate some of that goodness in my own home. 

It's sort of a wimpy list this week, but there hasn't been much time for blogging with work being crazy, The Honey working from this week, milestones being reached,  and me forcing myself to get to bed before 11 this week. Next week is sure to be one of catching up and carving out some me-time. It is Mother's Day after all, and I plan to milk it for all it's worth! 

What are your weekend plans?