Thursday, April 1, 2010

five things blog hop

I hopped on over to Keely's blog after reading Kassi's five things and decided to join in the fun! Besides, being thankful is always a good thing!

Check out Keely and Kassi's blog and join in the fun.

My five are:

1. Looking forward to a short work day tomorrow
2. A fun night alone tonight for crafting and Easter basket shopping
3. Working on a fun, creative project with my honey this week. We made something fun and special together.
4. Sweet words from the mouths of my little ones

Tell me what your five things are in the comment section or Post and link up to Keely's blog!

Happy Thursday!!



i HEART Thursdays - furniture needs love too

So, first things first. I am a liar, liar pants on fire. I said I was going to join in Kassi's two things post this week, but I didn't. Too many photos to edit and moving back and forth between computers just didn't allow for it.

But I did want to post my new favorite thing around my house and get some advice! So here goes...

A few weeks back I saw an adorable kitchen in all orange (a recurring favorite color in our home) and I just died. The chair mixed in so well with the rest of the furnishings so seamlessly with its updated bright, lacquered persimmon shade. Cute, right? It was. You'll have to just believe me because like the blond that I am, I forgot to keep the picture. Duh. I did, however, put it in the ole memory bank with the thought that someday, far from now I might come across a chair like that. Fast forward about a week (maybe less) during a sadly unsuccessful stop at my fave thrifting spot - and voila - the chair. Absolutely perfect in all its chippy white glory. And 4 bucks. The chair of course came with me and presented itself at our lovely dining table. Harper immediately fell in love with it and even Carl didn't mind too much that it was the second furniture item I had drug home that week.

So, here in lies the dilemma. To paint or not to paint - that is the question!?

I love how the shabby chic white is a nice contrast to the darker, midcentury Drexel dining set. But I have that image of the shiny lacquered orange one in my head and I know that's a fabulous option too! What to do. Carl likes the white just as is, but I'm not a fan of the flaking white paint everywhere. Ideas? Advice? I'd love to hear what anyone thinks...

And speaking of furniture, here's a sweet little roundup of heart furniture. Usually when one thinks of furniture and heart, country kitsch comes to mind. I found quite a few awesome options that I would actually rock in my own home:

part Art, part seating, 100% adorable

a heartfelt nod to the Womb Chair

the sweetest little girl's fairytale vanity

i'd give this chair a pop-life makeover with neon lacquer and plush white velvet

sweet Parisian cafe chairs

adorable furniture love print

What are you loving this Thursday??