Monday, April 12, 2010

work it out weekend

For once, I am actually posting a weekend wrapup on a Monday. Its a miracle!

But amazing things happen when you don't have an overbooked weekend and you plan to, well, plan!

It was a wonderful weekend of relaxing, getting things done and rejuvenating our tired spirits.

Things accomplished:

amazing relaxed breakfast with the family
zoo time with the kiddos

An afternoon nap (I never get these!)

a wonderful dinner celebrating this lovely lady

birthday girl and I doing the matching gray shorts pose

budgeting - icky but necessary
crafting - almost finished with my very first piece of embroidery
and last but definitely not least - two tickets to Norway please!!

(photo source: flickr)


and finishing it all off with a romantic dinner for two

Weekend: fully accomplished
I'm ready to tackle Monday!!

How was your weekend??