Friday, May 14, 2010

the most turquoise water I ever did see

I have never been to the Caribbean. Or Hawaii. Or St. Tropez. I did a banzai drive down from Paris to catch a small peak of the Mediterranean Sea and must say I found it rather uninspiring.

That said, I found Cozumel to have the most beautiful colored water I have ever laid eyes on.

A rather rocky night at sea, the post-party effects of the day after Formal Night, and a particularly crowded and stuffy wait to get off the boat made for a rough start to our day trip in Cozumel. One glance at that crystal blue water though and I was cured.

Strangely, we departed the cruise ship, walked the length of the dock and then boarded another boat to the mainland so we could board our Jeeps, hit the beach for some mexican food and then venture into a cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites and the most amazing cavern pool. It feels a little strange to get off a giant boat and then immediately jump on a ferry.

yup, a Starbucks, right in the middle of Playa del Carmen. And right across from a Lacoste, Johnny Rockets, Mango and some other seemingly out-of-place shops.

(beach photo credits: Carl, nice work honey!)

Swimming in the caverns was definitely the highlight of this day. I'm sad that we didn't get better pictures of it. But it was dark and wet; we were in a cave after all.

I have a serious case of the Fridays today. Got to work extra early today so I could hurry on out of here and go enjoy some camping at one of my favorite spots - Jalama Beach. Kassi can back me up when I say that Jalama is awesome and I can't wait to enjoy a Jalama Burger. Its pretty rare that I eat a hamburger, but its a treat worth having when I go there. Can't wait to cuddle with the little ones next to the campfire and sink my toes in the sand!!

Happy Friday to all!
What are your weekend plans?