Thursday, May 26, 2011


'Cause some days, you just feel like this.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well, you could definitely hear the crickets around this blog lately. A very busy few work weeks and the end-of-school-year madness for the kiddos have left me with little time for blogging lately. In my moments of spare time I have been spring cleaning (office - you'll not get the best of me!!) and dreaming of squeaky clean interiors that feel springy and fresh. 

We've had a particularly difficult time finding the right piece for our entryway...or lack of entryway. We don't really have one, the door just opens right up into our oddly-shaped living room. We've got a fireplace in the corner, a giant picture window in the front and the space doubles as our living and dining room. The fireplace and picture window aren't really much to complain about...they just make for an odd furniture arrangement. But back to the topic at hand. ENTRYWAY. The errant chair from our dining set and a table that is too big and gets slammed every time the door opens; well, it just ain't workin'. We've drawn up some plans for a piece we'd like to build. BUT. Instead I'll take one ticket to Sweden so I can pick this up from Zweed.

Does it get any better than a customizable, changeable, colorful and sleek piece like this? 
I'll also take that loft with the whitewashed floors and very sexy white/cork light fixture. Thank you very much.

I've been somewhat obsessed with this blue/yellow combo lately - especially after seeing the blue cabinet/yellow faucet combo. But I wouldn't think twice about this awesome grey number also...

[I also spy the unfold lamp that I've had my eye on.]

With an array of customized colors and configurations, I could find a use for one 
in every room. 

Sigh. The Swedes really got my number. 

What room gives you most decorating grief?



Friday, May 13, 2011

friday sleepyhead

[image source]

I had every intention of putting together a Fancy Friday post today. Truly, I did. But after a very hectic week and the launch party for WinWin Living last night aboard the Tamsen yacht, I really am just too sleepy to put together anything that will actually be readable. 

Instead, I just sort of wish I was escaping to this tent with lots of books, wooly socks and snuggly kiddos. Of course I'd be too exhausted to actually erect said tent, so I'd need some sort of tent set-up assistant or something. Luckily, it's Friday and we have lots of relaxing with friends on the schedule. 

Where would you like to escape to?



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L ♥ V E

I had a great little Mother's Day lunch today at Harper's pre-K class. It was so incredibly sweet hearing all the children talk about their mommies. We were each presented with portraits of us as drawn by our little ones and stories of how much they love us and what they'd buy us with $100. Harper says she loves me to Infinity and she'd buy me a wedding dress, long to the floor with her $100. 

My girl also helped me getting dressed this morning. I thrifted this skirt last summer, but for some reason every time I pulled it out it wasn't quite right. I finally realized it needed to be dressed down for juxtaposition. Sometimes all you need is a little simplicity.

All that pink made Harper happy. And that made me happy. 

[skirt: thrifted, t-shirt: gap, shoes: jessica simpson, bracelets: street vendor, ring: a merry mishap]



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

trash collector

The saying goes that "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Looking around my home, I'd have to say that's true for me. With the exception of the couch that Carl purchased from IKEA and some other finds, most are craigslist, hand-me-down or sidewalk treasures. 

Here's a peek at some tossed out treasures having a second life in our home...

The neighbors put this out on trash day...mainly because of the broken glass, but it was also in need of a good sanding and some new stain and polyurethane. A little elbow grease, and a good excuse for Carl to buy some power tools, and now it's the perfect place to stash all our books, doodling pads and other pretties. [note to self to clean out the fireplace already...]

This dresser was a hot, brown mess when I saved it from the next dump run. The drawers are still a bit wobbly, but the new coat of white paint turned it from icky brown to our shiny new bar. 

Even our dining table was once destined for the landfill. Little did I know it was a Drexel Heritage Profile set that I saw online through a dealer for about $6500. I've been dying to re-upholster those chairs, but they've been on the back-burner forever. This summer. Pinky swear.

What found treasures are in your home?



Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mama's day!

I hope all you mamas out there are having a wonderful day that makes you feel as special, awesome, amazing and wonderful as you are!!



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

color. blocked.

I am totally in love with all the color-blocking out there. Lucky for me, my closet is practically bursting at the seams with color. A whole bunch of impatient color that had been stuffed in the back during my winter-time fascination with blacks and neutrals. If the 80 degree weather is really here to stay, I expect this to be the first of many brightly outfitted days!

ps - please ignore my wrinkled linen...

[skirt: ann taylor; old, blouse: thrifted, kork-ease flatforms: jcrew via ebay, 
necklace: thrifted, sunnies: thrifted]

And one of my favorite fashion photographer



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

three squares

I had a rather busy weekend, and I will say that 1 day of weekend-time is definitely not sufficient. I did at least take full advantage of my one free-day. Sleeping late, snuggling, a biking adventure that ended with a broken chain at the furthest-away point, errands and cleaning were how I spent my Sunday. How was your weekend?

I'm still trying to play catch-up, but I've got a little bunny with a fever, a busy boy and a whole lotta work to do. 

Lucky for me, The Honey was home for the last week, which has meant I've been eating well. It's been so nice to enjoy the simple things like having lunch together or a cup of tea after the kiddos are asleep. Unfortunately, he's back to travelling so my lunch-dates are on pause for now.

Here's how I've been getting my 3 squares a day:

[breakfast of champions: ultrasimple smoothie, green tea, blogging]

[delicious salad with greens and radishes from our little community garden plot. deeelish!]

What are the little luxuries you appreciate most?