Wednesday, April 7, 2010

lilac and wisteria

Southern Cali weather in the springtime has a tendency to be somewhat bipolar. A predicted 50% chance of rain will result in sunshine. No reports of rain and it will suddenly begin to pour, only to go back to sunshine plus wind that same afternoon. Case in point: Monday morning was raining and I wore jeggings, boots and a big sweater. Fast forward to Monday afternoon and its warm and windy. Hmmm.

But today was sunny as expected and I took full advantage of popping on a spring skirt and sandals. I took to the flowers for further inspiration. One of my favorite things about spring are the lilacs and wisterias. Both are short-lived and both are heady with perfume and saturated with color. I love driving around town and seeing the sudden purple bursts of wisteria draping down a wall or archway.

What are your favorite flowers this time of year?