Wednesday, March 31, 2010

rainy day

Its a blustery, rainy, wet Wednesday so luckily I've got a backup outfit post.

We've had absolutely gorgeous weather, so I'm not minding the rain so much. Although I will say I hit the snooze on my iPhone alarm about 10 times this morning. My honey has the day off and it was oh-so-tempting to just want to have a rainy day at home. But no. Renewable Energy work calls my name. Up and at 'em...

I've mentioned before that I have a bit of a stripes addiction. This dress was no exception. Its the perfect throw-it-on piece that can be casual or dressed up with accessories. I took the casual approach...

my absolute favorite earrings. birthday gift from Carl last year. he went in to the shop/museum looking for a gift for me and when he wasn't sure what to pick, they asked him to bring in a picture of me so they could find just the right thing.  handmade in Norway and absolutely perfect for me.

What is the most perfect birthday gift you've received?



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cloud Love

Inspired by Caroline's post over at her Couer de La blog, I decided to do a post on something I love.

I love clouds. I love the way they change the landscape of the sky. I love the colors they take on. I love the way they shift into shapes beyond the imagination.

I find myself taking pictures of them without even realizing it. They can cast a mood on a day, cast a shadow, and cause a downpour.

Here's some clouds I've experience firsthand...

wispy clouds on a Boston skyline

Cape Cod clouds through Grammy's porch screen

Arizona desert clouds

threatening clouds

Sedona mountain clouds

finding Cloudbase

And some I've loved secondhand...

Amelie bunny cloud
(source: flickr)

Crayola clouds

Pretty cloud cookies
 (source above two pics: weheartit)

And this amazing sky from The Cloud Appreciation Society - yes, you read that right. Check it out. Pretty awesome!

Join in the fun and tell me what you love? Or better yet, post it and send me a link!

I'll be back later with my two things I love - and I actually need some advice on one of the items in my home that I want to show and tell!!



Monday, March 29, 2010

neverending birthday - part 2

Talk about a lucky guy! We celebrated Carl's birthday again last Saturday. Ok, not last Saturday as in two days ago, but last last Saturday! How's that for confusing on a Monday?

His party was also a little celebration to "warm" our house, but it was mainly about Carl. He was travelling for work on his real birthday, so I had this waiting for his return:

I had originally wanted to make a fabric birthday banner, but I thought this was a fun alternative. I still plan to make the fabric birthday banner, but I've got some time now since we are sort of done with celebrating birthdays - at least ones in this household - until August!

Lucky Carl also got to indulge in a birthday flight, complete with audience. Its hard to beat a beautiful Santa Barbara morning, overlooking the entire city, taking in this view

and savoring the wonders of childhood

then we all get to watch in amazement as Carl flies away




He's a pretty lucky guy indeed. All his favorite things in one place.

But it was no rest, because we rushed up to prep the house for the party.

And like a bad hostess, I was so busy with everything that I didn't take a single picture. But the word on the street is that Axel and Inga got some great shots. We should be able to see those as soon as they are able to return to Norway and clear themselves of jetlag. So, yeah, hold your breath...

I did, however, manage to get a snap of the neverending CAKE BALLS

This is a picture of cake balls, day two. They didn't turn out exactly as planned, but I had a great time having my girlfriends help me with them. Lots of "ball" jokes to be had, and impersonations of the infamous SNL "Schweaty Balls" sketch, which if you haven't seen you should hulu immediately!

I'm off to bed, but first, maybe one last cake ball...

Good Night!!



Friday, March 26, 2010

fancy fridays - lets go to camp!!

As I mentioned yesterday, we planned a very quick, impromptu camping trip to Big Sur for tomorrow.

I love that we have all our gear fairly well organized now so its pretty easy to grab and go. Carl even started us a Google Wave with our "template" camping list so we always know what we need. Then we create new replies for each trip so we can add supplies based on where/how long. Nerdy??? Maybe just a wee bit, but we are both such planners and organizers. Its something we like to do together and both get very excited over. Its our bonding time to geek out over things like that.

I'm really looking forward to taking in the California coastline, the awesome size of trees in Big Sur and share the experience with our International guests. Its also super fun to share with the kiddos and to see the great big world through their little eyes.

Its hard to imagine any place more magical than this

our first camping adventure together

our Thanksgiving trip to Big Sur last year

 So, on that note, today I'm fancying all things camping inspired. Take a peek and see if you feel inspired to just get out there!!

I would love to have this tent and this little spot in the woods.

lovely little tent colony

take shelter

what a sweet little chubby hand. I love sharing the experience of the outdoors with my littles.

everything tastes better over a campfire

starry skies for gazing

pretty towels by Jeanne Graeff for cleanup

sweetest little picnic print by paper sparrow

love this photoshoot with couture campers

(images: flickr, weheartit and my own where not linked)

Do you like camping? What's your favorite part??



Thursday, March 25, 2010

i HEART Thursdays - nature love

Camping is one of my all time favorite things to do. I love waking up with the smell of campfire in my hair, the pared down simplicity of everything, and of course any excuse to eat smores. So imagine my excitement at the notion of an impromptu plan for an overnight trip to Big Sur this weekend with our visiting Norwegian venner!! Its their last weekend in town and we knew no trip to Cali would be complete without witnessing this beautifully breathtaking spot.

In honor of our little respite, I'm hearting nature today. If you look around, its found naturally all around you!!

I'd love to go here

my heart on a string...

not sure what's cuter?! A puppy with this heart patch or the sweet little girl and her chipped red polish.

I miss seeing this every day

bleeding hearts. one of my fave plants ever.

not exactly natural, but formed by nature!

(image sources: flickr and me)

Do you love camping? What's your favorite part?