Tuesday, August 3, 2010

some love around this home

I've been very busily lovin' my home, but haven't shared any peeks in a while.

For some reason I am extremely picky about butter dishes. I never think they are quite wide enough to actually accommodate and they are either way too plain or way too ugly. But this little one caught my eye...and then its wayward brother and sister caught my eye as well a few shelves down. For $4 all in, it was hard to resist. Butter dishes, really? The things I obsess over sometimes...

This sweetly made heart has been on my to-be-framed list forever. I even had the shadowbox sitting out waiting to be filled ever since my sweet little guy made this for me. I'm proud to have such a creative little soul as a son.

What are you loving at home this week?



PS - I mentioned a few posts back that I'd be having a giveaway as soon as I hit 20. Well, that time has come so I'll be back tomorrow with a little something!