Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well, you could definitely hear the crickets around this blog lately. A very busy few work weeks and the end-of-school-year madness for the kiddos have left me with little time for blogging lately. In my moments of spare time I have been spring cleaning (office - you'll not get the best of me!!) and dreaming of squeaky clean interiors that feel springy and fresh. 

We've had a particularly difficult time finding the right piece for our entryway...or lack of entryway. We don't really have one, the door just opens right up into our oddly-shaped living room. We've got a fireplace in the corner, a giant picture window in the front and the space doubles as our living and dining room. The fireplace and picture window aren't really much to complain about...they just make for an odd furniture arrangement. But back to the topic at hand. ENTRYWAY. The errant chair from our dining set and a table that is too big and gets slammed every time the door opens; well, it just ain't workin'. We've drawn up some plans for a piece we'd like to build. BUT. Instead I'll take one ticket to Sweden so I can pick this up from Zweed.

Does it get any better than a customizable, changeable, colorful and sleek piece like this? 
I'll also take that loft with the whitewashed floors and very sexy white/cork light fixture. Thank you very much.

I've been somewhat obsessed with this blue/yellow combo lately - especially after seeing the blue cabinet/yellow faucet combo. But I wouldn't think twice about this awesome grey number also...

[I also spy the unfold lamp that I've had my eye on.]

With an array of customized colors and configurations, I could find a use for one 
in every room. 

Sigh. The Swedes really got my number. 

What room gives you most decorating grief?