Thursday, August 5, 2010



For 5 days every year Santa Barbara literally shuts down and turns into a giant fiesta! The smells of taquitos, tortas and churros are everywhere. The streets are littered with confetti that has spilled out of brightly colored eggs. Festivities start at sunrise and continue far past sunset. Santa Barbarans get very in the spirit of celebrating the town's Mexican heritage with Flamenco performances, Mariachi music streaming out of every watering hole (and the streets) and a red rose tucked behind the ear of every senorita. I've lived in SB since I was 3 and fiesta brings back lots of memories. I even got into Flamenco dancing when I was little. Yes. A blond, skinny little Flamenco dancer.

H81 top,
H81 jeggings,
old navy wedges)

Last night we went to the Mission to see the Fiesta Pequeña - Fiesta's opening ceremonies. It was a delicious picnic of cantaloupe, brie, crackers, and a zucchini-tomato tart I made. There may or may not have been a few glasses of wine passed around amongst the girls as well. Beautiful twirling skirts against the Mission background is quite a sight to see.

We will still be finding confetti long after Fiesta is over....

The making of the bird's nest

My little girly-girl was super happy to have a girl's night...even though her brother was there was add some male element. 

And he was even able to make a few friends on the walk home. Challenge you to a lightsaber duel?

What special events shut down your town every year?