Friday, March 5, 2010

i HEART Thursdays - for the love of fashion

Ok, so I know its Friday and I'm a day late. Lack of home internet has been affecting my posting, but luckily that's all squared away now!

Wearing my heart dress yesterday (now Wednesday) got me craving some other heart-printed fashion. Here's the roundup of some crush- and crave-worthy heart printed duds (and accessories)!

an impending Caribbean cruise has me thinking about bikini season already. Yikes!!

not sure I could pull it off, but this sweetheart sailor suit from modcloth is adorable!!

could I be any more in love with this heart romper from Anthro????

I've been wanting these tights forever. I should just do it already. 

 the heart coat at modcloth is so sweet and simple. the heart adornment makes it!

And to top it off, some classic, lolita-esque red heart sunglasses

last but very not least, check out this amazing heart shoe collection belonging to Shoe Daydreams 
I need them all!!

What's getting your heart beating today??