Tuesday, May 10, 2011

trash collector

The saying goes that "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Looking around my home, I'd have to say that's true for me. With the exception of the couch that Carl purchased from IKEA and some other finds, most are craigslist, hand-me-down or sidewalk treasures. 

Here's a peek at some tossed out treasures having a second life in our home...

The neighbors put this out on trash day...mainly because of the broken glass, but it was also in need of a good sanding and some new stain and polyurethane. A little elbow grease, and a good excuse for Carl to buy some power tools, and now it's the perfect place to stash all our books, doodling pads and other pretties. [note to self to clean out the fireplace already...]

This dresser was a hot, brown mess when I saved it from the next dump run. The drawers are still a bit wobbly, but the new coat of white paint turned it from icky brown to our shiny new bar. 

Even our dining table was once destined for the landfill. Little did I know it was a Drexel Heritage Profile set that I saw online through a dealer for about $6500. I've been dying to re-upholster those chairs, but they've been on the back-burner forever. This summer. Pinky swear.

What found treasures are in your home?