Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vinyl lovin'

My beautiful, talented friend Kassi over at BacWoods Fern has an awesome Tuesday "two things I'm loving around my home" post each week. I finally decided I'd link up today with my two things!!

I LOVE my record player. It was a Mother's Day gift several years ago and it took up residence in the garage for several years since there was nowhere to put it. I finally pulled it out when I moved and we've all loved having it. There is nothing quite like the sounds that come out of a record player. We had an awesome dance party with the kids on Saturday night!!

And of course, what record player wouldn't be complete without an awesome vinyl collection! I have tons of my parents' old records as well as some that I've collected over the years. What I love though, is the old record crates they are in. Licorice Pizza was an awesome record store in Santa Barbara several years ago. When they were closing, I was in there scooping up what I could before they closed and they let me have these two crates. I think I was like 14 at the time! Their retro cool logo is a waitress carrying what looks like pizza, but is actually steaming hot vinyl! Genius.

Check out Kassi's awesome blog and share what you're lovin' around your home today!