Friday, February 12, 2010

friday funday fill-in

lauren over at the little things we do has the cutest blog and a fun fill in the blank friday post going. time to play along...

1. I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes
, lots of nesting. we are moving in tomorrow and we are both so excit
ed to make our little love nest together.

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is an afternoon watching movies under a blanket.

3. I am most proud of producing two amazing, intelligent, compassionate little people.

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be striped t-shirt dress, belt and cowboy boots. I have sort of a stripy-things addiction.

5. People are the color in my world.

6. I would rather go outside than stay in.

7. I love my life more than I ever thought possible.

thanks lauren for the friday fun!

I'm looking forward to a crazy weeke
nd of moving. But I do get to spend it with this I couldn't be happier.

how are the rest of you spending your Valentine's Day?


  1. chels - harper and sutter are the cutest little tow heads i ever did see!
    we need to catch up... i'm super curious to know more about your love and how you met and all the fun details... i'm glad that you are so happy!
    mucho love.
    ps. come visit us sometime!

  2. sending LOVE and HapPIneSs your way...

  3. Good luck moving in and Happy Valentine's Day! I love your answer to #5 :) For V-Day, Geoff came home for 2 days before leaving for another 5 weeks. We'll be having our usual Fondue, Champagne, Homemade dinner, and movie by the fire (all at home) :)

  4. hope you had a good move-in and a happy valentine's day!

    have a lovely week!


  5. kassi - we totally need to catch up! I would love to visit you guys down south. Lets plan something for sure!
    doug - just seeing your comment made me feel lots of love and happiness!
    anna - I love your tradition; such a great way to celebrate without the pressure.
    lauren- thank you so much! moving is stressful but good thing its now over and I get to decorate! yay!

    a lovely week to all of you!!


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