Thursday, February 18, 2010

i HEART Thursdays - love notes

For the first Thursday in quite some time, my honey isn't coming home. Sad face. I was lucky enough to have him home most of the week though, so I can't complain! Having Carl travel so much can be difficult at times, but I think its important to find ways to make each other feel close even when he's on the road.

I'm a huge fan of love notes. Its something my honey always says he appreciates very much. I've been known to slip notes into his laptop case, send cards to his hotel and drop them in the pockets of his shirts to find later. When he was in Europe for 4 1/2 weeks over last summer, I emailed pictures with love notes and other reminders of beautiful Santa Barbara. It was a fun, creative way to show him how much I was missing him.

Its easy to get caught up in the day-to-day exercise of just living life. Love notes are a sweet reminder of the simpler things in life. And a way to bring someone a million miles away just a little bit closer to your heart.

a sweet collection of love notes

this makes for fun spontaneous love noting!

my favorite love note T

a long-lasting love note

a heart-breaking love note

love notes outside Juliet's home in Verona

Also, check out JenLovesKev's post about their fabulous project, withoutyouitsjustnotus for a way to spread your own love!

What was the last love note you received?



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