Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vinyl lovin'

My beautiful, talented friend Kassi over at BacWoods Fern has an awesome Tuesday "two things I'm loving around my home" post each week. I finally decided I'd link up today with my two things!!

I LOVE my record player. It was a Mother's Day gift several years ago and it took up residence in the garage for several years since there was nowhere to put it. I finally pulled it out when I moved and we've all loved having it. There is nothing quite like the sounds that come out of a record player. We had an awesome dance party with the kids on Saturday night!!

And of course, what record player wouldn't be complete without an awesome vinyl collection! I have tons of my parents' old records as well as some that I've collected over the years. What I love though, is the old record crates they are in. Licorice Pizza was an awesome record store in Santa Barbara several years ago. When they were closing, I was in there scooping up what I could before they closed and they let me have these two crates. I think I was like 14 at the time! Their retro cool logo is a waitress carrying what looks like pizza, but is actually steaming hot vinyl! Genius.

Check out Kassi's awesome blog and share what you're lovin' around your home today!



  1. love the record player! and all your old records! dance parties with the kiddos are the best!
    so glad you played along chelsea!

  2. I love our record player! Music sounds so much better coming from them!

  3. I would love a record player and some sinatra albums. Yours is lovely :)

  4. Kass - it was super fun to finally play two things! i'm looking forward to joining up next week as i start to unpack. yikes! i so love seeing your two things since your home is so cute.

    cole - i totally agree. my boyfriend says there is something about the sound quality being perfect versus a cd having compressed sounds, but i can't remember the actual terms for it right now. he's a smarty pants...

    fallon - thank you! sinatra albums are awesome. and so is your adorable etsy shop! i am loving the 50s birdcage pillow. but i think the suitcase ones are my faves!


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