Thursday, March 4, 2010

weekend wrap-up + wardrobe wednesday

Yes, I am actually doing Wednesday's post on Thursday. A crazy weekend and busy week have pushed me all the way into Thursday without posting! Not to mention the lack of internet at home which causes me to do all my posting (shhh) on breaks at work. I'm happy to report though that we are all hooked up to the interwebs and now I can actually do some posting at home! And I'm hoping to enlist my honey's help over the weekend with some photography skills. He's pretty good and has a sweet camera!

Our last weekend was pretty crazy! Lots of progress on setting up the house - its even to a point where it might be worthy of getting some photos over this weekend!!

The two littles weren't feeling so hot, so we had to skip out on a birthday party.

Sutter loves this old fashioned key. I told him it was the key to my heart.

Harper loves makeup and headbands. I'm in serious trouble

We tried to make it up to them with some playtime at IKEA. If that didn't work, the ice cream at the end definitely did!

We spent all day Saturday at IKEA - super fun to get all the odds and ends we were needing, but there's something about spending all day doing that that just sucks a little bit of your soul!! It was pretty fun though to have Carl in tow to pronounce all the names of the items. And he got a bit of the homeland to bring home. We bought a ton of packages of Swedish meatballs and sauce. Plus I surprised him with 6 jars of Sill. We also picked up a GIANT projector screen on the way to IKEA so our movie theater experience is just about complete :)

We were rewarded for our hard day's work with a fun night out at Carr Winery. Its an awesome local winery who's tasting room is in a quonset hut. Its pretty awesome. Barrels of wine aging to perfection, shuffleboard, backgammon, great sounding music, good friends and good wine. They had an "Open That Bottle" evening where they were offering library wines for the price of the current stuff. With my industry discount it made for some pretty affordable juice, so we ended up going home with a half case. Oops. Well, we needed something to fill our new wine rack!!

Check out Carr, its pretty awesome. 

Carl is double-fisted with the drinks there. I guess he's probably holding my glass...

no idea why Chantal keeps trying to hide behind her wine glass...

 the quonset hut creating some serious love mood ;)

we got some great video of a guy dancing the funky chicken, but I'm still working on figuring out how to get that here! anybody know how?

a robot with a heart. and a glass. guy after my own heart!

Sunday was full of more organizing - mainly by Carl! I snuck out for breakfast with the girls and perused downtown SB. Kass - I popped into Anthro and managed not to buy everything in sight! It was hard!

Sunday night was the best though because we had the crew over for some delicious lasagna and great wine. Finished the night off with some peach cobbler and a little Motorcycle Diaries. Great day!!

Now for some Wardrobe...

Its been sort of a wet week here. I thought I'd brighten the mood with my new tights from Anthro - on sale for $7. Hard to say no to that!



This heart dress is my favorite. Its a go-to that never fails to make me feel happy when I wear it!

I'm looking forward to our guest this weekend and lots of happy home nesting!!
What is everyone else looking forward to?



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