Thursday, April 15, 2010

i HEART Thursdays - all made up

Yippee! Its Thursday again!!
I was super productive over last weekend and I really think that has led me to have such an easy week.
I'm looking forward to watching the sunset at the beach tonight with my sweetie and wrapping up the work week tomorrow. Sort of. I'm actually working at the awesome Consilience Tasting Room on Saturday. But its super hard to call that work. Its more like throwing a party and getting paid for it!!

On to today's heart post.
Well, I still have yet to see Alice in Wonderland, which just breaks my heart.
The movie has certainly inspired a lot of Queen of Hearts looks all over the place, and I'm loving the personalized takes floating around out there. I love makeup. So much that I even got my Esthetician license so I could play with makeup all day. I don't practice anymore, but I still love to ogle over the makeup counters and I could seriously spend all day in a Sephora. Sadly, its mainly just window shopping since I don't really wear much makeup in my day-to-day life. Maybe I was a drag queen in a past life?

Here's a little smattering of all the "made-up" hearts kissing their way across people's faces these days


(sources: weheartit and flickr)

What movie were you dying to see, but missed in the theater?



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