Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is actually an outfit and shots from last week. It was a really fun little photo shoot with the kids there to play, keep me smiling and of course, get their own photos taken too. This week's rain sort of eradicated any hopes of beautiful outdoor shots - seems to be sort of a theme around here. Spring rain on Tuesdays. In any case, I do truly love the rainy days and the extra injection of color that results from it.

I definitely felt the restlessness of Summer when I wore this dress last week. The chill in the air forced me to throw on a sweater, but I was still feeling the boho summertime vibe of the patchwork dress. And probably a premature anxiousness to get on vacation already! 6 days, 19 hours and 10 minutes until we are on a plane heading for more tropical climes. But who's counting??

Wearing my beautiful new ring from KDikio Vintage. I found her when JenLovesKev offered a giveaway, went on the site and couldn't resist this beauty. If you get a chance to check out KDikio - she's got a great eye and lots of amazing pieces!

Outfit details
Dress: F21 - old
Swing sweater - Banana Republic - hand-me-up from friend
wedges - Steve Madden - old
Sunnies - thrifted
Ring - KDikio Vintage - check her out!!

Of course the photo snapping wouldn't be complete if these two didn't get in on the fun

Little Miss Harper Lee, painted face and all, being Sleeping Beauty. I must have about 20 shots of her laying down like this. "My turn, my turn!!"

I would also now like to announce that I'm quitting my job to become a stage mom for this little ham. Seriously, where did he get this from?? He jumped up on those stairs and struck that pose. Way to work it little guy! Maybe Merl's Manfriend and Sutter can get their own Pouty Model Pose workshop together?

Happy Wednesday!




  1. I LOVE. You look absolutely beautiful! And your two little ones are WAY too precious : )

    love love!

  2. Gorgeous dress and even more gorgeous CHILDREN! So beautiful!



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