Tuesday, April 13, 2010

time for two things

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

The sun is shining after a bit of rain on Sunday and yesterday. I don't mind the rain too much and I love the way everything looks so fresh and green afterwards. Harper always says the rain washes the sky, and I think she's absolutely right. We saw a beautiful rainbow on our way home yesterday and it made us all smile.

I'm super excited about Kassi's Two Things Tuesday this week. I get to share two great recent thrift finds. If you haven't checked out Kassi's blog, hop on over now to check it out. Its a daily read for me! She's got great personal style, a beautiful family, and major crafty-girl skills.

I mentioned a little while ago that I had found this great chair for my little Harper. I had seen a very similar one on another blog that was painted a vibrant, juicy orange. I immediately made mental note to look for one on my thrifting/antiquing adventures but never thought I would actually come across one that same week at a thrift store for $4! I've debated painting it a bright, shiny color but Carl seems to love the white and I like the juxtaposition of the chippy paint against our mid-century modern Drexel dining set.

Seeing this chair everyday just makes me so happy. Harper seems pretty pleased with it as well. She feels like like quite the little lady having this special chair all to herself.

Same favorite thrift store, a few weeks later, I also found this adorable ceramic camera. This was one of those a-ha! thrifting days where you feel like you scored some seriously awesome treasures.

The drink menu in the background I swiped from the Saint Cecelia Hotel during our trip to Austin. That hotel is so incredibly cool, I wanted to live there!

I love the wonky shape and hand-painted details on the camera. It looks like it could be someone's ceramics class cast-off. Lucky for me!

The camera made its new home in one of my favorite nooks in the house

I'd love to see the two things you are loving today!

Tell me about your two things in my comments

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  1. Those two things are great. I especially like the chair. I love chippy white paint!

    I did two things too (my Tuesday tradition). Come on by and see!

  2. harper is such a doll
    come visit us!
    love the chair!
    thanks for playing along!

  3. I love to find great little items such as your camera while thrifting. What a great deal on your chair. Lucky you!

  4. Love that chair, I must go to some of my thrift store's to see if I can score one too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, your compliment's make me soooo happy and I blush to see that my button has made your inspiration tab!
    xx Lexylou at Mad Times

  5. Erin - thanks so much for stopping by! I love chippy white too!

    Kassi - I totally want to come visit. Lets plan a weekend!!

    Fallon - thanks so much! It was a good few thrifting visits!

    Lexylou - so glad you love the chair. If only I could find the inspiration photo that made me fall in love with those chairs in the first place! The bonus is that when we turned it over, the label was in Swedish, Carl's heritage. Thanks for sharing your blog button - I need to work on creating one myself!


    camera-want it. I find some pretty amazing stuff that my friends ooo and ahh over, but never anything THAT COOL. kudos lady!


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