Friday, May 28, 2010

fancy fridays - hello summer!!

Well, around SoCal, spring usually brings some summer-like temperatures, along with May Gray and June Gloom...its sort of a schizophrenic time as far as the weather is concerned. We've already had a few hot streaks. But I never feel quite in the summer spirit until Memorial Day rolls around. I know its not even really "officially" summer until June, but the onset of Memorial Day is the reality check that bikini(eek!!) and BBQ season have finally arrived!!

We've already had our fair share of BBQs this spring - Carl even whipped up his own BBQ sauce to dress up our drumsticks last weekend. However, I've been feeling less than thrilled about the actual "bikini season" part of things. Not to mention the impending trip to Norway (meeting his family - yikes!) which has put me in healthy-eating and workout mode.

With a good deal of our friends out of town, it means no prior commitments or the tempation of last-minute soirees that we're quite fond of hosting. I'm looking forward to a weekend of hanging out, chilling out, working out and cleaning out our very messy office and possibly the garage. I have high hopes, I know!! It sounds lofty but I'll be happy if I manage to spend some time snuggling my loves and working on some crafty projects I've had lurking around the house.

Prospects for the weekend that I'm most excited about:

A sunset cruise aboard the Double Dolphin with both the kiddos in tow. Sunsets in Santa Barbara are among my favorite things to experience.

A trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning is definitely in order. Its the perfect thing to inspire my clean eating, pick up some cilantro and tomatoes to plant, and pick up some picnic goodies. 

With our Farmer's Market goodies in hand, I'm hoping to head over to the Mission to check out the I Madonnari offerings...

 and settle in for at picnic in the famous Mission rose garden.

And that's just between now and Saturday!

I'm also super psyched to try out Brandi over at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno's awesome t-short tutorial,
 another T-shirt redo into a pretty dress for Harper,

and something I always mean to do but never get around to...

give myself a pretty manicure!! Although I'm positive mine won't be nearly as elaborate and pretty as these. I'm happy if most of the polish ends up on my nails and not everywhere else. And I promised one very sweet little girl some polished toes too! She got her very first "pedicure" at preschool the other day and now she's pretty much obsessed. There are the cutest pictures up ate her school of her with her little feet in the tub and getting her little toes polished! I just love that sweet little girl!!

And my one last goal for the weekend - buy the stinkin' Tracy Anderson videos already. Kassi and I have been chatting it up about these and I finally need to just do it already (and hope my honey fixes the projector so I have something to watch them on)!!

What are your plans for the long weekend??




  1. love all the SB photos...
    i think it's funny that you call SB socal, my whole life i've called it the central coast - is it central coast or socal? now i'm confused... i'll have to research it!
    i just read your comment on my blog and i put a link on my post that should take you right to the meal plan!
    sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned... enjoy!!

  2. haha - i was so confused so i looked it up! sb is in the central coast with sb county being the last county before it becomes socal - it starts with ventura county. apparently a lot of people think of sb as socal because of all the LA peeps that have moved down to the area...
    that's funny that people look at you that way! obviously they didn't grow up in the area!
    glad you found the link - it's a little crazy but i love it. i like following the guidelines (it helps me not over eat) and i love clean eating so this is right up my alley! after i do it for three weeks i add in my coffee, alcohol on the weekends (and whatever else i feel like eating) and i always eat my favorite dark chocolate from traders... i try to stay away from dairy since it's my fave but regretfully doesn't agree with me - i get FAT when i eat too much cheese.
    thanks for the compliment - i'm not worried about my weight... just the fact that i got rid of all my clothes last year when i lost 20lbs and now i only have size 2's left in my closet - and i'm a size 4 right now! it's torture not having clothes that fit and not having the money to buy new ones! ugh. so that's the reason for trying to lose these pesky 8lbs that crept up on me.
    and i have to say - i've always thought you looked terrific - remember that time we went to jalama with the manns? i was in awe of your backside - so cute and little with not an ounce of cellulite! i dream of having a butt like that!

  3. Those nails are so cute!!! And I love spending my free moments at local farmers' markets. Sending you a hug! xo


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