Thursday, June 17, 2010

finders keepers

Ever have those thrifting days when everything seems to be going your way? Last Friday was that day for me! I scored 4 amazing dresses, 2 maxi skirts, a fabulously colorful guatemalan belt, an electric blue silk scarf and a sweet little woven owl bowl. S C O R E! My favorite of the dresses has to be a sweet yellow eyelet shirt dress from Paris. Fits me like a dream...but you'll have to stick around to see me style that one up.

Ever since I saw this outfit on Refinery29, I've been craving some brown ankle boots. I'd seen some other cute versions around the bloggy world, but this was the first look that put these on my mental thrift list.

Fast forward a few weeks and seriously only one thrifting trip later and I found the beauties I was after.

Perfectly scuffed, soft, worn rich brown leather. I spent a nice little chunk of time last night playing in my closet and putting together lots of cute little looks with these. I'm already envisioning myself strolling down international sidewalks sporting these on my feet! Thank you to whoever decided these no longer had a home in their closet. Score one for me.

What are you on the hunt for these days?



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