Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A nautical outing

Well, we are finally back from Europe and feeling rested although a bit discombobulated. To my surprise, I realized late Saturday evening that I would have Monday off work as a holiday! Yippee. That meant one full day to unpack, get organized and snuggle with my much-missed little people.

Yesterday though, it was back to the reality of work. The kiddos stayed home from work to hang with Carl and they decided on a sailing adventure even though thick fog hung in the sky. My sweet girl called to ask if I would like to join them. If only...

Late afternoon I found a wonderful montage of their day awaiting my inbox.

She's ready for Mr. Newton's phone call. Or The Sartorialist. 

Central Coast Summer...ahhhh....

What's your favorite childhood ice cream treat?




  1. What great photos!
    Glad you had a great time in Europe!

  2. My favorite summer ice cream treat? That's easy. My grandpa used to take me to the local Kiosk in Halmstad to get the 88 ice cream from Sia Glass. It has vanilla and chocolate flavors with a nut sprinkle on the outside. I still remember how grandpa Thorner broke his tooth on one that was frozen solid once.

  3. I love the pictures! Especially the last one - the colors are so cool. Nice work Carl :) And my favoriate summer ice cream treat? Fudgicle all the way.


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