Friday, November 12, 2010

fancy friday

So, um, oops. Its Friday. As in, I didn't post all week, had a million ideas rolling around in this head of mine, the days rushed by and nows its Friday. A rather hectic week indeed with the kiddos being out of school on Veteran's Day, my office moving to a new office upstairs, a friend's fabulous new job and us prepping to start P90X (YIKES!!!!!!!) this Sunday.

So here I am, on Friday, rounding up my favorite "fancies" of the week. First. Post. Of. The. Week.

Sad. But I just have to chalk it up to life being, well, life. Pinky swears that next week will be more fun around here!

I may have not been posting, but I've been doing some reading. Does anyone else's Google Reader constantly say 1000+? I just cannot seem to catch up on all the wonderfulness that's out there in bloggy world. I did, however, manage to round up some things I fancied this week:

Check out this super cool Venice surf-pad, which has me dreaming of outdoor showers. We had one across the street from our little house in Laguna Beach when I was a baby.

Everything Vanilla Sugar whips up is mouth-watering, I-need-it-right-now delicious. I've got a can of Organic Pumpkin just waiting to make these fancy pop tarts.

Bromeliad posted an awesome DIY knotted necklace from the fabulous ladies at

A beautiful and inspiring little roundup about branch centerpieces has me almost wishing I was cooking a Thanksgiving meal this year. Almost! Instead, we'll be taking in the beauty of Yosemite.

I've recently become obsessed with The Brick House and every fabulous thing in that house. Here's a fun terrarium DIY for anyone itching to get in on the trend. I've done one myself, but I'm totally in love with the cool succulent version!

I've been dying to find a cape ever since last fall when I stumbled across a fabulous one that was unfortunately too big. Seeing Julie nail this cape and plaid look has re-invigorated my craving.

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot have me seeing green with envy. Their photographs are breathtaking and their story is totally inspiring.

Miss Modish's new kitty photo Friday has me missing having a kitty in the house. Babe, are you reading this???

ps - here's some fun little press snips from our gig as Dream Angels for the Dream Foundations benefit last Saturday. We got to pose with David Archuleta and Andrew Firestone and his gorgeous wife. We saw Dan Akroyd, Rob Lowe, Bill Paxton, Priscilla Presley,  Kimberly Locke, and David Crosby. It was so fun to be a part of something so amazing.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend planned. I'm working. And attending a baby shower. For which I need to whip up some sort of fantastic homemade gift.

What are your plans?



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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I'm going to be posting a DIY soon for a necklace somewhat similar to those ones by Mega.


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