Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L ♥ V E

I had a great little Mother's Day lunch today at Harper's pre-K class. It was so incredibly sweet hearing all the children talk about their mommies. We were each presented with portraits of us as drawn by our little ones and stories of how much they love us and what they'd buy us with $100. Harper says she loves me to Infinity and she'd buy me a wedding dress, long to the floor with her $100. 

My girl also helped me getting dressed this morning. I thrifted this skirt last summer, but for some reason every time I pulled it out it wasn't quite right. I finally realized it needed to be dressed down for juxtaposition. Sometimes all you need is a little simplicity.

All that pink made Harper happy. And that made me happy. 

[skirt: thrifted, t-shirt: gap, shoes: jessica simpson, bracelets: street vendor, ring: a merry mishap]




  1. LOVE the skirt. how sweet is your little harper... such a cutie!
    the last photo is precious... you should frame it or blow it up. i love it.

  2. Great skirt!! I am pretty much obsessed with long flowy skirts for spring and summer. You are so cute..and the last pic of you and you daughter is so sweet.

    Delighted Momma

  3. your hair is my favorite part of this.
    so free and gorgeous! I love it.


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