Friday, November 13, 2009

work in progress

Ok, so obviously if anyone's stopped by here - you can tell this blog is not quite ready for the world.

i'm working on my inspiration (which I'm being inspired by all you crafty mama's out there) and thinking about why i'm here (on the blogosphere, that is...not in the existential sense).

look out for I HEART THURSDAYS and FANCY FRIDAYS...coming soon!

til then, happy blogging, happy crafting and lots o love

1 comment:

  1. yay chelsea! i'm so excited that you have a blog! and i look forward to all your fun posts...

    ps. noticed that you left a comment on rachel's blog at smile and wave... i also, LOVED pippi longstocking and always look for it on tv...i think tannyn would love it but i have to find it... maybe they would have it on netflix.... hmmmm happy friday, miss you guys.



I'm so happy you dropped by to check out my Vignettes. I love to read each of your comments and check out your blog too!! XO, Chelsea