Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anthro does it again

Anybody else get the "in our own words" email from Anthropologie this morning? I am totally in love with their flowers created by old water bottles. I can totally see this as a fun craft for my kiddos.

On a side note, the countdown to moving has begun. Currently, all my stuff sits in the garage of our new place. The kiddos and I have made my boyfriend's house our temporary abode until his lease is up and we all move to the new casa!

I have so many craft projects brewing in my mind for the new place, I just can't wait to get my craft area set up.

And of course, make this blog something worth reading or stopping by every now and again!


  1. where are you moving to?
    i hope you post pics of your new place and craft space... i know you'll make it beautiful!

  2. hey Kass!

    I'm definitely planning to post some pics as soon as we are in there! I'm psyched to start contributing to your "two things" on Tuesdays! I already have a few things in mind...

    we're moving to the lower riviera/east side. its a great house - wood floors, great fireplace, big windows! and the bonus office/craft space! yippee!

  3. Hi Chels ... did I mention that a friend of mine in Omaha decorates the windows for Anthro ... she made A LOT of these flowers. She is amazinginly talented :) Happy to see you writing! -Anna

  4. Anna that's awesome about your friend. I used to work at Anthro and I remember the "art department" spending hours working on some of the display stuff. Such talented minds at work there.


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