Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've had the idea in my mind for a while now to post I HEART THURSDAYS, since I love Thursdays. The brink of the weekend is upon us, but I'm still feeling the productive flow of the week. Thursdays are the days my honey comes home from his 4 day workweek on the road. My workmates always ask why I dress so cute on Thursdays ;)

And of course - I just love the imagery of hearts! I'm constantly inspired by seeing little heart images all over the great crafty world. And the natural world for that matter!

So, February seemed like a better month than any to start the first I HEART THURSDAYS post. Here is today's roll of heart things from all over.

who wouldn't love a latte like this?

this card is just amazing. loving the victorian feel at the little chickadee

a sweet stack of silver love. lilyja's shop has lots of sweet goodies.

heather moore's jewelry
is a hefty, but swoonworthy investment

What does everyone else <3 today?


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