Friday, March 26, 2010

fancy fridays - lets go to camp!!

As I mentioned yesterday, we planned a very quick, impromptu camping trip to Big Sur for tomorrow.

I love that we have all our gear fairly well organized now so its pretty easy to grab and go. Carl even started us a Google Wave with our "template" camping list so we always know what we need. Then we create new replies for each trip so we can add supplies based on where/how long. Nerdy??? Maybe just a wee bit, but we are both such planners and organizers. Its something we like to do together and both get very excited over. Its our bonding time to geek out over things like that.

I'm really looking forward to taking in the California coastline, the awesome size of trees in Big Sur and share the experience with our International guests. Its also super fun to share with the kiddos and to see the great big world through their little eyes.

Its hard to imagine any place more magical than this

our first camping adventure together

our Thanksgiving trip to Big Sur last year

 So, on that note, today I'm fancying all things camping inspired. Take a peek and see if you feel inspired to just get out there!!

I would love to have this tent and this little spot in the woods.

lovely little tent colony

take shelter

what a sweet little chubby hand. I love sharing the experience of the outdoors with my littles.

everything tastes better over a campfire

starry skies for gazing

pretty towels by Jeanne Graeff for cleanup

sweetest little picnic print by paper sparrow

love this photoshoot with couture campers

(images: flickr, weheartit and my own where not linked)

Do you like camping? What's your favorite part??




  1. I haven't been camping since I was a little kid. Not sure if I'd be cut out for it anymore since I'm such a girly girl but it'd be fun to try!

  2. these photos are so amazing! i went camping last week and these photos make me want to do it again :D

  3. Big Sur is so amazing! If you're in Cali its totally worth the trip!! Our friends from Norway could not believe how beautiful it was there. More pics to come...

    Krysten - you could definitely rough it! Just try!

  4. you have made me want to go camping now... so much!! my favorite part is getting up early before anyone else, starting a fire and making coffee and reading in the early morning freshness. my dad used to always be the first one up when we were little, and i tried my hardest to be the second. now i'm the first one up and i love it.


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