Monday, March 29, 2010

neverending birthday - part 2

Talk about a lucky guy! We celebrated Carl's birthday again last Saturday. Ok, not last Saturday as in two days ago, but last last Saturday! How's that for confusing on a Monday?

His party was also a little celebration to "warm" our house, but it was mainly about Carl. He was travelling for work on his real birthday, so I had this waiting for his return:

I had originally wanted to make a fabric birthday banner, but I thought this was a fun alternative. I still plan to make the fabric birthday banner, but I've got some time now since we are sort of done with celebrating birthdays - at least ones in this household - until August!

Lucky Carl also got to indulge in a birthday flight, complete with audience. Its hard to beat a beautiful Santa Barbara morning, overlooking the entire city, taking in this view

and savoring the wonders of childhood

then we all get to watch in amazement as Carl flies away




He's a pretty lucky guy indeed. All his favorite things in one place.

But it was no rest, because we rushed up to prep the house for the party.

And like a bad hostess, I was so busy with everything that I didn't take a single picture. But the word on the street is that Axel and Inga got some great shots. We should be able to see those as soon as they are able to return to Norway and clear themselves of jetlag. So, yeah, hold your breath...

I did, however, manage to get a snap of the neverending CAKE BALLS

This is a picture of cake balls, day two. They didn't turn out exactly as planned, but I had a great time having my girlfriends help me with them. Lots of "ball" jokes to be had, and impersonations of the infamous SNL "Schweaty Balls" sketch, which if you haven't seen you should hulu immediately!

I'm off to bed, but first, maybe one last cake ball...

Good Night!!



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