Tuesday, March 16, 2010

two things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to all!

Kassi over at BacWoods Fern is back with her two things lovin' link up so I decided to play along again. Moving has definitely made me re-appreciate some of my beautiful and cherished things that had been stored away for some time. Since last week was a break from the two things, this week there is sure to be lots of McKlinky's. Check out Kassi and all the fun links to see what everyone's loving around their homes!!

This week my first thing is actually a collection of things. I love my collection of pottery and glass - a good deal of it is midcentury and some of it is new. Its all handmade items, some by friends and family, and in yummy shades of green, blue and pink.

and I absolutely love Mr. Fish.

I've found that people either love him or hate him.

Its taken Carl some time to warm up to him, but he's beginning to see why I love Mr. Fish so much. 
My friend Trent Watanabe painted the fish many years ago and I have treasured him ever since! He's hung in the living room of my past four homes. I've debated on framing him several times, but I think I like him just the way he is for now.

check out some of Trent's other artwork. I love his crisp, graphic paintings.

Mr. Fish likes the light of the discoball reflecting upon him...

Speaking of home lovin', I have promised to post some house pics and have since failed on all accounts. 

But yesterday was such a gorgeous evening that I just had to get outside with the rascals and enjoy the sunshine and air. 

And snap a few...

one of my favorite places

herbs awaiting a new home...

i love our camellia bushes

and I love our view (sorry its framed by antenna wires)

This week is already whirling by pretty quickly. I'm enjoying the extra hour of daylight. Not enjoying that its still dark at 7 am. Its been a beautiful 75 degrees the past few days, the rest of the country is eating their heart out right now!

I'm also looking forward to lots of celebrating this week! More time with Axel and Inga, celebrating a very special man's birthday, a house warming shindig and enjoying a show by my friend Rusty Lindsey. If you have a moment, check him out. His voice is soulful and amazing. And he's a pretty cool guy too.

What are your plans for the week??




  1. love the pottery!
    and i love the painting of the fish - personally, i don't see how anyone could not like it! it's so colorful and vibrant!
    oh, chelsea, your house is gorgeous and so 'santa barbara' it's perfect! is that the front of the house or the back? your little sitting area is divine - i love your chairs! i'm so envious right now! did you guys buy or are you renting? i'm sure you're just over the moon excited to be back in sb and out of lompoc! yay!
    i would love to do a shopping trip with you sometime... i'll keep you posted as to when i'll be in sb next and let me know anytime you're in the area here!

    um, how do you not have more followers?!! maybe you could do a guest post on my blog... would you be interested? you could talk about anything your little hear desires or i could do a question and answer with you... let me know!

  2. Kassi you are so sweet! We are definitely loving our house so much! The sitting area and pics are from the front of the house. We also have a little patio/bbq area on a lower part of the property with a bricked-in bbq pit. And a basement! Totally not a normal SB thing to have. Ours is now a certified wine cellar :)

    Thanks for the offer to guest post - would love to...I sent you an email. Lets chat about it!!


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