Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wardrobe wednesday - head in the clouds

this shot pretty much sums things up pretty good. my feet may be grounded in the earth, but my head is in an ethereal cloud.

nothing that can't be solved with an evening of watching Coraline with the kiddos, making homemade pizza and then starting a new craft project.

speaking of feet - I'm crushing on just about every pair of shoes Anthro is currently peddling...ahh, a girl can dream right?

some flats even I could love 

 with pretty socks, these are the bees knees

the detailing is amazing

where do I begin??? love, love, love

 I have two pairs of almost these exact shoes from old navy from years ago. suddenly inspired to remake them to match any and all of my spring/summer outfits

my stripes addiction is no secret. please come home with me stripey booties!?

Not that I need more shoes. Our over the door shoe rack breaks daily from being overstressed...

What's your shoe addiction??


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