Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend wrap-up and happy monday!

Do you ever have those weekends where you wonder where they went? This one seemed to fly by way too fast. Perhaps it was the fact that I worked 6 days last week, perhaps it was just one of those great weekends where you wish they could last forever.

There's nothing like sharing your home with good friends to make everything feel worth while.

Thursday night arrived with Carl returning home. We had a great evening making dinner with a friend and getting a (sort-of) early start on the weekend!

Friday afternoon and our friend Brian came into town from Austin. Its so wonderful to get to share our home with a friend. Another friend joined us for a great dinner - I love tacos!!

Nothing makes me happier than spending a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market.

After downing some espresso, we hopped on the bikes and headed downtown for some fresh produce.

Loving the end of winter fruits and veggies.



nothing like some anatomically correct vegetables...


squash butt


and oh wow!! fresh bread


yum yum


with some amazing heirlooms too please


and gorgeous flowers
nothing says spring like sweetpeas and cherry blossoms!!



After the shopping and the ride, the boys were tired


but no rest for me...

I was off to my favorite winery to sling some vino



seriously, its hard to call this work!
disclaimer: she didn't really drink from the Centellino

all in a hard day's work

Then back home to a house-full. More guests and happy kiddos

the indoor version of bowling for children

Sutter loves him some Alison

 Apparently he's been brushing up on his reading too...

All wrapped up with some Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. All in all, a pretty amazing day.

Brian was mistaken if he thought he'd be getting any rest.

They were all ready for attack number 2 first thing Sunday morning...

although I'm not sure if he's attacker or attackee in this one?
off to the park

some swingin'

some baseball


some brushes with nature


i love that little girl
but it was time to go home


grab a snack


and learn about the Godfather

"I made him an offer..."
so sad to see Uncle Brian go -
but Sutter gave him a pretty good send-off. Can you guess which one's Sutter and which one's Brian by the capes flying in the wind?
The weekend has already come and gone. And now its Monday again. Next week/end means more guests!! March is going to be nuts.

But for today, I've got Happy Feet.

How was your weekend??


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  1. sounds like an amazing weekend ... friends, family, and fresh produce: who could ask for anything more? I am absolutely envious of the farmer's market. The sun hasn't been shining here for almost 3 months and the snow JUST melted this week. Seriously! I took down our Christmas lawn decorations ... TODAY. In other words, I find myself suddenly missing CA more and more. So glad you are making the most of it!


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