Tuesday, April 27, 2010

feeling the love - two things around my home

Do you find it hard to sleep when you are super excited about something? I am one of those people that gets so amped up about doing something that I have a hard time sitting still, sleeping or even having focused conversations! I squealed with glee last night as we climbed in bed after spending the evening packing. I am counting the hours until vacation time and I'm having a hard time even typing because I am so anxious!

The countdown clock on my toolbar says 18 hours 27 minutes and 50 seconds until I am on a plane to relaxation and fun with my honey!

I'm hoping to stay away from the computer and guessing that I probably won't have any access to the Internetz anyway, so I promise to take lots of pics and go post-happy upon my return!

Today, I'm once again joining Kassi in her lovin' of two things around the home. She has been settling into her awesome new house and its so fun to once again see what she's loving around her place! That candle of hers looks just as gorgeous as it smells! I have yet to buy any nice candles since we've moved, but I love the way that scents can transport you to somewhere else. Thanks for sharing Kassi!

Right now I am totally in love with my light-up globe.

I'd been wanting a globe for quite a while and when I found this one that lights up at one of my local thrifts, I was beyond thrilled! I hemmed and hawed about actually buying it because I wasn't sure I wanted to pay what they were asking. After setting it down and picking it up about 5 times, I finally just dropped the dough and brought it home. I'm glad I did because it is in really perfect condition and everyone has just loved it around the house so far. 

I'm in love with the glow it gives off. 
Its right outside our bedroom and serves as a sort of nightlight.
It makes me dream of exotic destinations yet to discover...

I'm also totally loving my old, weathered adirondacks.

The longer, warmer days have been giving us lots of excuses to linger outside. I can't wait for more bbq's, more gardening, more evenings watching the sun set on the American Riviera. A cushy, exotic-print pillow, a good book and a glass of wine - I'm set for lounging. 

What are you loving around your home today? 

Please share in the comments or link up to Kassi's blog and leave me a comment letting me know so I can check it out!




  1. lucky you going on a vacation! where are you headed?
    i'm sure you've mentioned it on here and i don't know how i've missed it...

    i LOVE your globe!
    and i've always wanted real wood adirondack chairs...we have cheesy plasti ones... i've been meaning to spray paint them so they look better but it hasn't happened yet. i'm still holding out for the real deal!

    have fun on your vacay!!
    much love

  2. thanks Kassi! just home from Miami and a cruise to Cozumel. Trying to catch up on blogging now!

    ps - my adirondacks were a score from the Big Lots in Lompton! Can you believe it?


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