Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to Miami

Its good to be back! I had no idea that I would miss blogging so much and now I feel like I have lots of catching up to do. Bear with me while I inundate you with photos from our amazing cruise adventure!!

Vacation is always good, and I think its even better when its full of trying out new things. I'd never spent much time in Miami and I'd never been on a cruise, so I was super excited this adventure! Our schedule worked out great because we wound up with 24 hours in Miami before we were set to board the ship. It left plenty of time for exploration, something we both love. There's definitely a thrill in setting out in a new city with no itinerary, no idea where you're headed and someone to share the experience with. Armed with very little assistance from the hotel staff, an eye on getting some delicious food and a monorail to board, we were set for discovery!

Miami is definitely colorful! 
The hotels and high-rise apartment buildings in Downtown Miami were full of bright and saturated hues.

Integrating with the art

Jaywalking the bay

And finally, after a good amount of wandering and wondering where all the restaurants were, we happened upon a great little Italian cafe. It was a perfectly balmy evening for enjoying a sidewalk meal.

Riding the monorail back to the hotel and prepping for a night in South Beach!

We figured out pretty quickly that even though our hotel was conveniently located near the Port for the next day's departure, if we wanted to experience Miami nightlife, we'd have to head to South Beach. So that's precisely what we did...its an interesting place to say the least.

More Miami and cruisin adventures to come this week!

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday everyone!!




  1. I love your hat and outfit!!! Great photos!! xo

  2. Thanks Caroline!! Hope you are well!! xo


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