Thursday, April 8, 2010

weekend rewind

I really do need to get better at posting weekend highlights on Monday, rather than Thursday! I just never quite get it together by then though! That will be my new goal for next week. Maybe.

This last weekend was a whirlwind of activity! From charging it down to LA for a night with some friends and much needed catchup to a pit stop on our way back to SB for some cliff soaring and then lots of get togethers back in town to celebrate the fun Easter weekend!

Graham about to take a picture of me taking a picture of him. He was having "lens envy"...

We had dinner at Spanish Kitchen on La Cienega. The black mole was outstanding! One bottle of champagne, 3 desserts, a latte and a round of port later and we were all stuffed! But we somehow managed to finish off the night with a dip in the hot tub and a bottle of Cristal! How's that for fabulousness?

A little breakfast at Basix the next morning was something we could hardly wait for!

Saw a Harper Ave sign on our way and of course had to stop and snap a shot of that!

you know I love me some Freeeeench Toast and Tam and I love our fishbowl mimosas!

modern buildings in West Hollywood

Highway 101

Carl ridge soaring Bates, while I ran along the train tracks overlooking the ocean and then jetted down to the beach to built a heart with rocks for him to see from the sky.

We rushed home to scoop up the kiddos, color some Easter eggs and prep for a huge brunch feast the next day! Fantastic Mr. Fox was an awesome diversion for the kids while the adults were busy in the kitchen.

Easter egg hunt madness

backyard "lasso golf" which is the PC name for testy toss!!

my favorite part of brunch - dessert
it looks like eggs, but they are really homemade meringue cups with lemon curd! YUM!!

Clearly a good time had by all. 

(and yes, that is my new Liberty of London for Target shirt. I was surprised that the Tar-jay I hit up on the way to LA had quite a bit of Liberty left. Yay!!)
Everyone retreated after brunch for a little naptime. I cleaned, grocery shopped and we watched Sherlock Holmes. Being lazy felt pretty awesome, but we somehow rallied ourselves for another party Sunday eve. 

I need a nap just thinking about the busy weekend!

Thankfully, its been a restful week.

Looking forward to a date night with my two hunky guys tonight. 
A little dinner and How to Train Your Dragon 3D.

What's your favorite part of brunch?



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